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Monday, February 04, 2013

North Carolina lawmakers: Guns don't kill people, exposed nipples in public do

More guns, fewer nipples in public don't add up

From the piece:

You see, at the same time that state Sen. Stan “Bring ‘em loaded” Bingham was introducing a bill to allow armed volunteers to patrol schools, two other North Carolina legislators were introducing a bill to outlaw exposed female nipples.

Let me repeat that. One legislator wants to allow armed volunteers to patrol our schools, while two others want to protect us from exposed nipples on the streets.

It’s debatable whether or not Representatives Rayne Brown, R-Davidson, and Tim Moffitt, R-Asheville, have their fingers on the pulse of the people, but they have identified a problem no one outside Asheville knew existed and criminalized it.

Nipples, guys? Really?

And more guns in schools? That’s your solution?


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