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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Police mistakenly shoot innocent people in search for alleged cop killer

L.A. Residents Plead With LAPD On Signs, Shirts: ‘Don’t Shoot, I’m Not Chris Dorner’

The department's well-documented history of racial discrimination and brutality is coming back to haunt it now, even though there are multiple reports showing that the LAPD has done a lot to clean up its act and re-establish trust with residents. The distrust created by that ugly history is showing itself this way, as well as in a small legion of "fans" of the ex-cop because of his manifesto in which he claims he has targeted police officers to force the department to correct still-uncorrected ills.

There's no reason - none - to cheer on an alleged murderer who has clearly says he plans to terrorize authorities. But it's also good that the LAPD has re-opened a few cases to put to rest some of the concerns residents clearly have about how police treat certain segments of the public. 


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