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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Readers in Myrtle Beach to use the Bible to explain why Christians can only be conservatives

Update: Sorry I didn't get to the update about what was discussed today, got wrapped up in a ton of other things. But I will have more about the discussion Wednesday.

In a few minutes, I'll be heading over to the heart of Myrtle Beach for a small gathering of readers of The Sun News who hold court on all sorts of issues in a hybrid debate-discussion format. I've attended some of these before, including ones that "proved" that the carbon dating process was flawed and the Biblical account of the beginning of creation was scientifically sound, and one which examined why anyone should even think about voting for then Sen. Barack Obama.

Not all of those attending the meeting are conservatives or evangelical Christians, so there is some useful give-and-take. Not one of the meetings I've attended has included ugly-name calling or the like. Each of them has been fairly good-natured.

The meeting this morning is being led by a former atheist turned evangelical Christian who pretty much believes the country is going to hell in a hand basket, Obama is dangerous and, yes,  you can be a liberal or a Christian - just not both.

I'll try to report on his findings either shortly before or after lunch.

Oh, I'm still working on pulling together a town hall meeting in March on how conservatives and liberals - and I'm not talking politics - can continue worshipping together.

Stay tuned ... 


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