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Monday, February 04, 2013

Senator who rebuffed bipartisan attempts now talking bipartisan compromise

Sen. Judd Gregg has penned a piece outlining "a compromise for the nation."

He failed to mention the incredible role he played to get us to this point. During his first term, President Barack Obama did a lot on the bipartisan front - including trying to appoint Gregg as Secretary of the Treasury. Why did Gregg decline the offer after accepting it? Because fellow Republicans told him not to, because they didn't want to give the president a bipartisan win. They wanted to build the image of him being an extreme-leftist.

If someone such as Gregg had decided to not go down that route 4 years ago, maybe a lot of the resulting problems Gregg is writing about now could have been prevented.

Here's the background on Gregg's decision to rebuff Obama's attempts at bipartisanship.

I guess this is just more evidence that elections do have consequences.


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