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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Was hospital right to adhere to white patient's request that no black nurses care for his infant?

'No black nurses' lawsuit: Nurse asked not to touch infant

This is a clear case (at least to me) where a legitimate civil rights concern runs into legitimate legal individual rights, no matter what you might want to have happened.

This is a riddle to me. I can see the hospital's point-of-view, that a patient wants a particular type of person caring for his child. That is a reasonable request, on the surface at least. I think the hospital went a bit too far when it put that sign up that essentially said "no coloreds," but I understand that it was in a really tough spot.

The hospital is not there to serve nurses, black or otherwise, but their patients.

But it also can't discriminate against its employees based on race, and the nurses reaction is an extremely reasonable one, that, in fact she has clearly been discriminated against based upon her race. Anybody know how to split this baby? Or am I just being too wishy washy?


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