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Friday, February 15, 2013

Double-amputee murder suspect another all-too-human hero; his country has tight gun control, lots of gun violence

The complications of preventing gun violence and falling in love with human heroes.

This conversation needs to be about gun violence prevention rather than gun control, though everything - including how we deal with guns - needs to be on the table for discussion.

Another all-too-human hero

From the piece:

Have we - the media, society, humans - learned nothing from Lance Armstrong? Do we not remember oh-so recent lessons about the capricious folly of elevating sports stars to deity status? Or do we get some sort of perverse joy out of constructing ever-higher pedestals, then watching their occupants fall?

Pistorius shooting: South Africa has tight gun controls but a high level of gun violence

From the piece:

The lower rate of gun ownership is largely the result of the country’s strict firearm regulations, which were enacted in the early 2000s in reaction to the violence that swept the country during the turbulent 1990s. Citizens are limited to one weapon for self-defense and a maximum of four others for uses such as hunting or skeet shooting. Gun owners must install a safe that meets police standards for gun storage and prove to police that they need a gun for self-defense.


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