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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Republicans cheer sequester - then complain about its real-world impact in their districts

Republicans say they love the sequester - and hate it

Here's the deal:

When you want government spending cut, that means you want some of the things government does to go away, or to be greatly curtailed. That's what the sequester is doing and what the GOP - and many local Republicans I heard from - wanted to happen.

But then they started complaining about the White House tours being cut back. Now they are complaining about all sorts of things from the sequester. Remember, the Blue Angels cancelled on us because of those cuts and the main event we had scheduled for the 75th birthday of Myrtle Beach had to be cancelled as well. Now an air traffic control tower in North Myrtle Beach will be shuttered soon, like 149 around the nation.

We can't have it both ways. Either you want spending to be curtailed or you want the government to continue being able to do everything it had been doing. Or, you could support a more practical way, a compromise that deals with the real fiscal problem - entitlements and the tax code - instead of bragging and complaining about the sequester.


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