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Monday, April 15, 2013

Reader contribution: Same-sex marriage against God's will

Someone recently argued that the first marriage was that between Adam and Eve in Genesis, the first book of the Christian Bible.

I asked him where in that account did Adam and Eve sign a document - a marriage license - that made the union between my wife and me legal? He didn't have a good answer.

Same-sex marriage against God's will

From the piece:

As Christians, we are to share the love of God and the forgiveness of sins that is available to all, including homosexuals, through Jesus Christ. All sin is offensive to God, homosexuality is just one of the many. According to the Bible, God’s forgiveness is just as available to a homosexual as it is to an adulterer, murderer, thief, rapist, etc. God also promises the strength for victory over sin to all those who will believe in Jesus Christ for their salvation.

If everyone became celibate, the species would come to an end


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