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June 10, 2010

Notes of interest

This weekend's super regionals overshadow everything else, but Coastal Carolina's athletic department has received a passing grade from the NCAA.

The Academic Progress Rate, an annual measure of a program's ability to graduate, maintain eligibility among and retain its players, was released Wednesday, and Coastal did not have any programs in jeopardy. All of Coastal's teams recorded an APR of 925 or better over the last four years to avoid any penalties.

Coastal baseball and men's basketball both had four-year APRs of 944, with basketball recording a score of 981 and baseball a 975 last year.

Coastal football had a multi-year APR of 935 and a score of 915 last year. Both were the lowest in the athletic department. Teams are only penalized once their multi-year APR falls below the 925 threshold, but the football program will have to be weary of its standing over the next few seasons.

To see all of Coastal's APR data click here: Download CCU APR


Coastal football coach David Bennett again finds himself looking for an assistant coach.

Bennett spent much of the offseason filling three positions on his staff and the departure of one of his new hires has restarted the process. Defensive line coach Kevin Mapp has left for a job in the construction industry, a lucrative position in the Washington, D.C., area offered by one of his college buddies at JMU.

Mapp really made a big impression this spring on the coaching staff, players and outsiders. A young, energetic assistant from Hofstra -- he was left in the cold when that program dropped football following the 2009 season -- Mapp had made significant changes to the on-field play and off-field problems that have plagued Coastal's defensive line the last few seasons.

The unit's GPA had risen significantly this spring, because Mapp was routinely checking in with their teachers and making sure they were attending class. He was also expected to help reshape a unit that hasn't produced the needed results the last few seasons.

Initially, the Chants struggled to adapt to Mapp's personality, which is much different than that of former defensive line coach Antoine Rivens. However, the players seemed to take to him over the course of semester, making his departure that much more difficult. In an effort to find the right fit, Bennett is allowing them to meet the candidates he brings in.


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