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January 04, 2012

Moglia discusses coaching staff and recruiting

New Coastal Carolina football coach Joe Moglia said Wednesday that he has about 60 percent of his coaching staff in place and that the new additions will be unveiled over the next couple weeks.

He reiterated that he won't rush to fill out the coaching staff despite National Signing Day looming next month as he wants to make sure he gets the right people in place for the long haul.

As for the current recruiting class, Moglia acknowledged that "at least one" player has withdrawn his commitment to the program since the coaching change but that a few of the remaining assistant coaches from David Bennett's tenure have been working on keeping the class intact while a few of the new yet to be named coaches have already started reviewing film of prospective players on their own.

There will be a full story in The Sun News on Thursday, but here are some of Moglia's comments:

On meeting with Bennett's coaching staff:

"I gave everybody an opportunity that wanted to meet with me the opportunity to do that. Most of them took me up on that. Not all of them did. That was up to them. Each of them pretty much, if I remember correctly, brought their resume and talked a little bit about their background and what they think they might want to do if they stayed. I think everybody understands in football that when a new head coach comes in -- this is true I think in any business as well -- the new boss gets an opportunity to kind of reorganize his team or his program or his staff the way he kind of wants to. Everybody kind of understands that. I explained that there were a handful of guys that I know pretty well that I've got tremendous respect for that I had offered opportunities to, and in some cases they would be redundant with the skillset that some of them had. Everybody kind of understood that."
On offensive line coach Patrick Covington remaining on staff for next season:
"I was interested in having some continuity, some carry-over. I liked the fact that he had a little bit of a different background, so he had some different experiences. You don't know whether or not a guy is kind of your type of guy until you really had an opportunity to work together, but at least that was the impression I had from him."
On whether or not tight ends coach/recruiting coordinator Gary Smallen and defensive ends coach Grant Cain, who are being kept on an interim basis, might also return next season:
"Those decisions haven't been made yet. Those are still up in the air. That's what I told them."
On filling out the coaching staff:
"There are some guys that have committed to me privately that are not on board yet -- they have other things they've got to be able to work out first. ... But we've got three or four guys that are ready to go. We're going to have press releases on them over the span of the next week or two."
On feedback from prospective recruits:
"If a kid was really comfortable with a particular coach that was recruiting him or he was particularly close to coach Bennett or whoever it might be, I think he needs to feel comfortable with the new coach and [who] the new staff's going to be, No. 1. But at the end of the day, when I was doing this the first time around and I was recruiting, for example, at Dartmouth ... sometimes we would have players whose family would say 'I want him to be able to go to a particular school because of the relationship he has with the recruiter.' And I would say that's a bad reason to go to a particular school because this is the school. God forbid, you could get injured the first week and things not work out from a football perspective, you've got to make sure that this is the school that's going to be the best fit for you and for what you want to achieve in terms of the rest of your life, not just in terms of football. So I think we've got a great school in terms of Coastal Carolina. ...
"You don't know who you have until you actually have them. And anything can happen. Until the letter of intent actually gets signed, you don't know and you're always going to get hit with some surprises. So it's easy to say that's going to happen a little bit more when you have a new staff coming in. That makes practical sense to me. But I feel pretty good about the guys that are still on the ship, so to speak. But remember, we're also adding to that ship. We're also adding other names to that ship of people that we kind of have a reasonable feel for across the country."
On recruiting emphasis going forward:
"Our No. 1 priority is going to focus on South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia. But we're going to have coaches that have relationships in different parts of the country, and we would just [leverage] those relationships. So if we had a guy that was really strong in Texas, he would leverage his relationship to Texas."
Moglia addressed a few other topics that will be covered in the newspaper Thursday (or Wednesday night online, for that matter), but these were a few of his more pertinent comments.
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