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A rare thing that you see is not only is steve pethel a left handed guitarist but he plays only a right handed guitar. so where he learned to play left handed he had to know the chords backwards. He has been a musical inspiration to me and has kept me playing.

A Musician's Love
Many don't know what this love is about- - it's a gift from God, a need to speak out.
From a little child this love is peeping from the clouds-waiting for the time to stand before a crowd.
You see , the musician and the singer are a special breed- - feeling things most people wouldn't believe.
Something as simple as a child falling to the ground-to the musician it brings a tune, a sound.
It brings lyrics, a beat- - as they pick up your their guitar and blend words as he or she taps their feet.
Yes , most wouldn't believe what helps to create a song - -it takes good, bad, right and wrong.
Because the musician hears what we can' t see-those things that lay just beneath this earthly society.
They hear your laughter, your pain- - with the keys of the piano, the words come frame by frame.
They create songs to tell of truth - -of God's precious love as the Bible gives us proof.
They sing in melodies and rhyme- - as the beat of the drum keeps time.
Now let's not forget the poet and their words- - looking to the musician to give melody and be heard.
Because if it wasn't for a poets need- - many songs would be like a empty seed.
A seed without growth or height- - a song dark as night.
So thank God for the music that touches and hugs-lets thank the musicians for their love. By: Patricia Robinson-8/8/08-2:45am

Im so glad U R using Randall's photo's and brain B/C for a man he has such a gentle way. He brings that feeling when he shoots U. The first time he snapped me I felt something special. A TV show sent a couple to snap me. I didnt get that from them, they wanted me to pretend. Randall wanted me and truth. Love U so much for caring for those who dont feel caring much THE ARTIST

This is an amazingly well wrote article. The other articles are great too, but these videos are really terrific. The sound is crisp. Great job to everybody involved and I really enjoy the music!

yeah, well wrote.

nice article.. it's good to have somebody like this in the community. The video shows an odd vibe to all of this..i like it.

Not a huge fan of his music, he's a really nice guy though. The video and sound quality is outstanding..and i agree with that Rick guy up above, the article was written very well. Top notch

congratz man, proud of you steve, i told you before that you had something special bro, you just didn't listen at the time

This kid goes to my school, that's cool as hell

love you steve! this is SO good!

the music is badass!!!

Not gonna lie, I'm impressed. I told you how many times from the start that you had something goin for ya? haha. congrats man, this is awesome.

Steve, you are a special young man,with lots of talent. I think you are very gifted. I loved all of your songs, they keep playing over and over in my mind. The interview and especially the video's were superb! You ROCK!

Steve, to be honest. I love you like a brother, you have inspired me to take a more serious approach to all music (because you play it so fluently.) I remember back when you played songs from Nirvana and The Vines, now you're up there playing with the big boys. Your original songs make me want to ride a unicorn through a meaddow. nah but seriously, I love you man.

Steve I love your songs you are so talented and you have a very bright future ahead of you.

Glad to hear you preform before the camera.Its,s a good soud you have [most execellant]Hope and pray that this opens the doors you are playing for .After all you also have my name ...Steve Earl...may God bless your talent and all that you do ...love uncle Earl

Steve you have an amazing voice and I love your music. I can see you going places. I hope you continue to play. You have grown into a handsome young man. I wish you the very best in life.

You rock Steve!!!! Keep working toward your dream 'cause you definitely got the talent to make it.

Liked you on Facebook, too. =)

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