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A great story about fantastic people. So many people don't realize the historical importance of the early blues and those who were making music with whatever was at hand. Todd and Roy not only are keeping the blues alive, but also a disappearing aesthetic in this digital age.

Thank you, Randall, for this column - and for featuring so many musicians and artists who may not be well known (but should be) by the larger community. You, and this column, have been a tremendous friend to all of us.

It takes a man to have lived the blues to be able to Play the Blues! And I know Roy has been in all points in between. Amazing sound from those crafted boxes, gritty with an undertone of old soul.
Love it!
Can't wait to see you guy's live, soon, very soon.
Great article, well captured.

Thanks to Randall and his Videos..I now have a grandson that is totally interested in the Blues...Keep the music flowing Josh!!

Nice post. Thanks for it.

These are all inter-related facets and fundamental to one another. Much of this, in the end, is rooted in tradition, as tradition is another means of expression and symbolism.

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