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January 24, 2013

Golf Channel isn't gone, it's just hiding

If you live on the Grand Strand you may still be trying to find the Golf Channel on the tube.

When I tried to find it on a TV at The Sun News earlier this month, I thought maybe it had been bumped up to a higher sports cable tier by Time Warner Cable and they were going to be charging more for it. All I got was static on Channel 49 where it has always resided.

But further investigation revealed Golf Channel is one of a handful of stations that changed to a digital-only broadcast format at the turn of the year. So it's no longer available on TVs that have analog cable and don't have a digital converter box.

For me, that means I can watch it in my living room but not in one of my bedrooms at home. If anyone's having the same issue, Time Warner has free analog adapters that will allow you to get Golf Channel and the other stations that have made similar conversions in 2013 without having to pay for the digital boxes.

The other channels are C-Span, CMT, OWN, VH1 Classic, Discovery Fit & Health, Lifetime Movie Network and TruTV.

Living in Myrtle Beach and not having access to Golf Channel just doesn't seem right.




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