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April 10, 2014

Start fitting Scott for a green jacket. Oh, wait. Nevermind

Don’t be surprised if Adam Scott becomes this week the fourth back-to-back winner in Masters history.

He has a calmness and confidence about him as a holder of a green jacket that is evident.

He had become more comfortable playing Augusta National in recent years, culminating with last year’s win following a tie for second in 2011 and tie for eighth in 2012.

And he appears to be enjoying his rounds on the course now, rather than either pressing or playing defensively, both of which Augusta National can entice in players.

He was appreciative of his reception throughout the course Thursday as the defending champion.

“It was a thrill, really,” Scott said. “The reception into every green and almost every tee box was incredible, and the best one, the memory that will stick with me forever today was walking up to the 12th tee and everyone getting out of their seats as I approached there. It was great. The level of respect that everyone has for this golf tournament and what happens here.”

“But then I went and hit it in the water,” he joked, referring to a shot into Rae’s Creek that led to the only blemish on his card, a double bogey.

Asked if he noticed that wooded areas were thinned by the ice storm in February, Scott responded: “Barely. I didn't hit it in the trees too much, so I didn't really get to find any gaps that wouldn't have been there last year.”

The good thing for Masters officials is they already know his jacket size.


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